Ventrillo Tutorial!

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Ventrillo Tutorial!

Post  GenericAdmin on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:46 am

This is probably the best ventrillo tutorial I've found so far, and it's by Hellax (with permission) with the help of Good Grief. If you have any questions or you want to add something to it, feel free!

The in’s and out’s of Vent from start to finish
(or as much as I have figured out)

Where to download Vent :
Select the correct link below according to what O/S you use.


This link will take you to another screen on which you must click “ I Agree “ after clicking on this select to save the file somewhere on your computer the easiest being the desktop

Once your download is complete install the program to its default location

Now what do I do?

Now that you have it installed run the program and you should end up with a window looking like the following:

The first step is to make your User Name this should follow the same name that you use on the game so that we know who you are.

To do this click on the -> button to the right of where it says user name and you will end up with a screen that looks like the following:

on this screen you will want to click on New and another window will open, in this window insert you name and then select ok which will close that window and bring you back to the setup user window click ok on this window and now your user will be created

The next step is to setup the server that you want to connect to in this case it will be The Usual Suspects' server. To do this click on the -> button to the right of where it says Server.

You should see a screen that looks like the following:

In this screen you will want to click on the new button and Insert the name of the server “Eternal Glory vent” or simply, "EG Vent" then click on ok once this is complete it should now allow you to enter the hostname and port # the host you will want to use will be: and the Port #: 3979, and you don't have to have a password.

Now you are all set!

In order to do this on the main screen all you will have to do is Press the Connect button and it will log you on to the server if everything was done correctly your screen should look something along the lines of this:

Once you make it to this screen click on the setup button and if you have a mic this is where you would set it up by selecting the correct output device that you wish to use and setting a “talk” key for it personally I use the left ctrl button as its not used in game to often and its easy to get at

Hopefully this will help you join us in vent and it was easy to follow…

This leads us into the Advanced Settings for Vent and from this point on I will no longer be using screen shots I will try to be as clear as I can be but if there is something that you don’t understand then feel free to contact me (Greco) in the game or on vent and I will try to clear things up for you.

What to do if someone is too loud or if you cant hear them :

If you right click on the users name that you have an issue with it will open up a menu with lots of options the one you want is the Miscellaneous which will open another list from which you want to pick Special Effects.

This will open up a new window in which you can select different settings that you can adjust the one you want to “Add” is the volume setting once you do this it will open up a slider bar which will read from 0% to 800% it should be straight forward from this point if they are to loud then lower the slider and visa versa if they are to quiet then increase the slider bar, it may take a couple times coming into this screen to get it adjusted to your likings but once you do it, it will remember it and you wont have to make an adjustment again.

Bindings What are they? How do they work? :

Bindings are a way of extending your chatting abilities by breaking up who you want to talk to be it a cretin channel or even as narrow as only one person

In order to set this up you will want to click on the -> button to the right of where it says “bindings” this will open up a new screen where you will want to click on “New” to create a new Group List of bindings once you have done this on the bottom of the screen you will want to click on the “ADD” button which will open up a new screen with a bunch of options the one that you are going to use most common will be the PTT Advanced setting select this option and down in the white box it will ask you to select a Hotkey, the key that you select for this should be different then the one that you use for your main configuration ( I use the shift keys or even the right ctrl key ) I find its best to stay away from any of the alpha or numeric keys as you use these in game play and it could cause you problems as you are trying to talk and play at the same time. Once you have selected what you wish to use as the hotkey click on the “OK” button which will bring up another screen with some other options now depending on what it is you want to do will depend on which one you pick once you have selected which option you want to the right of the white box there should be a button that has … in it click on this button and it will bring up a selection screen in which you have to pick either the channel name or if you picked user to user you have to make sure the user you wish to set the binding to is also online and select there name from the list and click on “OK” until you make it back to the main VENT screen, once you are back to this screen click on the Bindings Dropdown Menu and select the binding list you just created and now your hotkey that you set should be working for the option you set it to.

This is as far as I have made it with vent so far if you have some other helpful info on options in vent feel free to add them on

I hope this is helpful to all you who are unsure of what or how vent is/works

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