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Pirate Halls

Post  Auran on Wed May 19, 2010 5:58 am

*this is written as a response I am planning on putting on the pirate hall on admiral post on sage parley, so the compromise mentioned is between the people that want a pirate hall on admiral, vs the ones that don't want one to increase foot traffic elsewhere. Posting it here first to get people's opinions before posting it there.

I would propose a compromise to the situation. Instead of never building a pirate hall on admiral, wait 2 weeks or a month after they are released on normal oceans before building one on admiral. Meanwhile, you have it clearly stated in the forums and/or palace/island news when you plan to start the construction of the pirate hall on admiral. This way you have some people move to other islands because they don't want to wait, without making it such that some parts of the population will never have access to them.

Even better would be for this to become a clearly stated policy for admiral, for all new release buildings in the future. Even better than that would be if all island holders in the arch could agree on the same policy, though I don't have a lot of faith that an agreement like that would stay very long.


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Re: Pirate Halls

Post  Barthes on Thu May 20, 2010 9:20 am

Now that a Pirate Hall can be built on Kent, I am personally against building one on Admiral. I assume that Black Flag will build one on Kent, but if they don't, I say blockade their asses and do it. I imagine that's not as easy a decision for the people who actually finance Eternal Glory's activities; I'm always very willing to spend other people's PoE. ;-)

Anyway, assuming Kent gets a Pirate Hall, here are my reasons for not building one at Admiral:

1. There is no actual need, anymore, for Admiral to have a Pirate Hall, as there is now a Hall in Gull. Just no reason to build it.

2. Admiral is very crowded. There are 108 buildings on Admiral, 22 of them permanent. This was already a problem with the logistics of building the Hall - now that it's not necessary there's no longer an issue.

3. The population of Admiral fluctuates between 6100 and 6300. The population on Kent is around 150. It could have a minor balancing effect on the population now that people have a reason to set Kent as their own. This is good for all business on Admiral, because the population will fall but it will still be the primary docktarting and inntarting location.

4. At the same time, more ships will probably port at Kent now that it is the "headquarters" of their crew. Good for Kent's shot, rum, and ship industries - the only industries it has.

5. Assuming Black Flag is building it, someone else is paying the cost of construction, but we reap the benefits just the same.

6. The Pirate Hall becomes a bigger deal if there is only one in Gull, in the same way that there's only one of each attraction in the arch. If both Kent and Admiral have a Hall, neither gets half as much 'cool' as Kent's would if Admiral didn't have one.

7. Finally, it just has a nice flavor to it. Admiral is the great metropolitan capital of Sage - and named for a naval rank to-boot. What sort of self-respecting pirate hides out in Port Royale? There's this sort of deliciousness to the idea that the pirates are hiding just one island over from Admiral, instead of actually on it.

It just makes sense to me to let Kent have the Hall. Now that the situation's changed, what do you guys think?


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